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A Deep Understanding of Lighting

Philips® has been revolutionizing lighting for over 125 years. They have pioneered the world-changing development of electric light and LED, and are now leading the way in intelligent lighting systems. Their deep understanding of how lighting positively affects people enables them to deliver innovations that unlock new value for their customers. Philips offers rich lighting experiences that make people feel safe, comfortable, focused, energized, and entertained.

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Enjoy a vintage look with LED

If you’re looking for that old-fashioned vintage aesthetic, Philips is your one-stop shop. With Philips Vintage LED filament bulbs, you can have the classic look you desire, with the energy-efficiency you need. They come in the familiar shapes you know and love, use around 80% less energy than traditional bulbs, and last ten times longer. The LED filament shines with the color and glow of old fashioned incandescent lighting, creating a cozy, familiar atmosphere in your home. Choose between dimmable and non-dimmable versions of these filament LED bulbs.

Light that's Easy on your Eyes

It’s time to take visual comfort seriously. Screens with their artificial light are dominating our lives, and many of us spend more than six hours a day looking at screens. That’s a challenge for our eyes. To combat harmful artificial light, Philips has adopted the EyeComfort certification for their LED bulbs. Designed for the comfort of your eyes, each EyeComfort certified bulb meets specific quality criteria to ensure the it’s light that’s easy on your eyes, and is safe for you and your loved ones. Choose what’s best for you, your family, and your home. Your eyes will thank you.

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Shedding a Light on Connected Home

Philips Lighting is spearheading the ongoing development of connected lighting systems and services. They are taking lighting into a fully digital world that connects people, places, and devices. Lighting systems like the Hue allow you to easily control your light and create the right ambiance for every moment. Wake up to sunlight every day. Turn story-time into another world. Get colorful sports updates. Phillips lighting innovations connect seamlessly to benefit families and create experiences at home like never before.